This is a group for Cybersecurity & Information Security professionals in Scotland

All levels of experience are welcome; from those aspiring to enter the industry through to security experts. The purpose of the group is to provide regular, informal meetups where individuals can gather together to network with one another, as well as discuss the latest industry trends and hot topics within the cyber and information security sector.

We’re currently right at the start of our journey to become a community focused organisation and would value any relevant input or feedback, so please reach out.

Our Mission

Encourage, connect and enable cyber communities across Scotland by bringing together leaders and organisations with similar objectives together.

Objectives (Short Term)

  • Gather a community group containing industry leaders, practitioners and aspiring technologists.
  • Agree on a drafted mission statement (as above).
  • Draft some mid-term objectives (example below):
    • Launch a website with resources, calendar, group information, etc.
    • Launch communication platform (Slack).
    • Arrange ‘go-live’ plan to launch the group to relevant communities.

What We Are

  • An inclusive, friendly and diverse group of approachable people.
  • A safe space to be open and honest about our thoughts, challenges and ideas.
  • A place to promote cyber communities in all forms which are inclusive, ethical and open.
  • Whose advisory and management should be transparent to the wider community.

What We’re Not

  • A place to push any particular brand, company or personal agenda.
  • An exclusive group which is ‘closed’ to outsiders or seen to be attempting to govern the community which it serves.
  • A governance board which is attempting to ‘own’ or ‘run’ or ’take over’ any particular community group.