meet our partners.

Incredible organisations who lead the way in engaging with the community in Scotland or are indeed a community themselves, and have outwardly agreed to CSC’s Partner Agreement to signal their support for what we do, encourage their employees, students or customers involvement, and more importantly into promoting (or continuing to promote) our values within their organisation, and indeed our industry.

Edinburgh Napier University is a public university in Edinburgh, Scotland. Napier Technical College, the predecessor of the university was founded in 1964, taking its name from 16th-century Scottish mathematician and philosopher John Napier.

The Turing’s Testers are raising the profile and encouraging more girls to get into Computing Science. They have created a Nationwide cyber competition, Cyber Treasure Hunt that targets at S2 girls in Scotland to encourage into the cyber sector.

The Scottish Business Resilience Centre exists to create a secure environment where business can trade securely, regardless of size and sector.

Our mission is to make Scotland a more resilient and safer place to live and work.

Our main focus is Information Security. However, given our varied background and fields of interest, almost every technological aspect of modern life is up for discussion. Everyone is welcome!

ISC2’s mission is to advance information security across Scotland by providing our members and other security professionals with the opportunity to share knowledge, grow professionally.

ENUSEC is a student society interested in all aspects of security. The society was started in 2015 by a small collective of students and staff associated with the cybersecurity courses at ENU.

The Cyber Academy is a leading independent and impartial source of skills and knowledge on cyber security. It supports a wide range of engagements around innovation, research and knowledge exchange.