Supporter Agreement.


We’re incredibly grateful for all offers of and actually provided support. The below agreement simply outlines in simple terms through being a supporter of Cyber Scotland Connect, what you can expect of us, and what we will expect from you.

As an official ‘supporter’ of Cyber Scotland Connect (CSC), we/I commit that all resources offered and supplied to CSC are without expectation of financial reimbursement, endorsement or any other service in kind from CSC or its members/moderators. That it is considered a contribution to further CSC’s mission to support, enable and advance the cybersecurity community in Scotland. It is acknowledged that CSC as recognition of this support will publicly thank and acknowledge the contribution at the time of it being contributed to its community and that no other commitment of publicity or ‘return’ should be expected. This agreement may be updated as the understanding of what supporters should become over time, history can be view in the commit history.

Effective Date: 8 May, 2019.