The Scottish Tech Army Needs You!


CSC and the Scottish Tech Army (STA), have just agreed to a joint partnership and there’s an urgent and important ask for Scotland’s Cyber/InfoSec community to assist during this global pandemic.

STA is mobilising Scotland’s tech talent to build solutions to overcome and assist with the challenges posed by coronavirus. A fantastic initiative, lead by these awesome people!

This is being run as a community-driven project, there’s no commercial drive. This is for the social good and wellbeing of Scottish businesses, the public sector and anyone else these projects assist.

The key ‘ask’ for anyone within the cyber community is to:

  • Join the STA if you think you could be involved.
  • Once within STA Slack join the #cyber-security channel.
    Monitor this channel for Cyber/InfoSec questions coming in from projects (either proposed or active) which need some help from us to ask the right questions and give the right answers.
  • Get involved more directly in some of the projects which are on-going by STA by monitoring #ad-hoc requests and #projects-resourcing.

Sign-up below and you’ll receive an invite to their Slack which is the centre of their community and how new requests for projects and information happen.

We’re thrilled to get involved in this initiative and look forward to seeing our community rise up to this challenge and help the STA out!