Scot-Secure 2020: Day Two Tracks

Cyber Scotland Connect is delighted to be facilitating 6 workshops as part of Scot-Secure 2020.

The feedback and community engagement from Scot-Secure 2019 was fantastic and we’re looking forward to another amazing event!

Are you attending Scot-Secure for the first time? Or perhaps you want a refresher on what to expect? Look no further, here’s a breakdown of how the workshops function and some important guidance concerning them.

A reminder of Cyber Scotland Connect’s overarching mission:
Bringing Scotland’s Cyber Community Together in a Friendly, Open and Community Driven Way

“Security is hard. We want to bring great people together to help solve real-world problems and leave Scot-Secure with outcomes they can share with the community, take to their respective organisations & to further their own learning”

What Are We Hoping To Achieve?
Imagine being in a room with 40 or 50 other fantastic professionals, talking through and working towards solutions to, a number of known problem areas in Cyber Security?
Imagine being able to release the outcomes of the sessions publicly, to help businesses and individuals alike?
Imagine being one of hundreds who have contributed proactively to improving our industry?
Throughout these workshops we aim to collate and share diverse opinions and perspectives and facilitate a holistic conversation that surrounds the topic in focus.

What Is A ‘Track’?

  • It’s a defined and recognised information security problem area, which has been chosen based on feedback from attendees prior to the event.
  • It’s not industry-specific.
  • Conversations start with a problem statement or scenario.
  • Sessions are interactive, with whiteboards, not single round-table or speaker-led – the key is collaboration.
  • Conversation is captured and outcomes are delivered out of each workshop.
  • Moderators are only there to provide outlines of the session, assist with any queries and then bring the information together at the end and wrap-up.

What Are These ‘Outcomes’ You Speak Of?!
The aim is to release information following Scot-Secure. This could be in many forms:

We understand and appreciate that people learn and consume information in a plethora of ways, here are some examples of what these outcomes/deliverables could look like:

  • Artefacts (Diagrams)
  • Documents or Books
  • Playbooks
  • Roadmaps (for next meeting)
  • Wiki pages
  • Code
  • Statement or Position (signed by the Working Sessions Participants)
  • Lessons Learned

If you do have a preferred outcome you believe would be beneficial for your workshop session, please communicate with the facilitation moderator directly, or contact us after the event.


Do I need to bring anything?
Yes, yourself!

Other than that, we have seen attendees use their laptops as we will have Slack channels and GitHub repositories which can be used as collaboration tools and to share info throughout the workshops.

Do I need to speak/contribute?
It’s not mandatory, but the sessions really are as valuable as people make them! We understand some are more vocal than others, but the key is to collaborate with your peers

What Do I Get Out Of This?!
The chance to be a major contributor to an industry problem, where practical information can be released afterwards. The chance to be part of a growing and tremendous cyber community in Scotland, leading the way globally.

What’s The Breakdown Of The Workshop?

There is no set formal agenda, but loosely, sessions will work as follows:

Introduction to Mods
Introduction to Workshop Format with Examples
Introduction to Topic
Workshop (45-60mins)
Summary / Collate Content (20-30mins)