Scot Secure 2019 – Cyber Scotland Connect Workshops

Back in March, Cyber Scotland Connect was delighted to partner with Digit for their 2019 Scot Secure event.


This event is one of the largest in the tech calendar for Scotland and one that our Moderators and Partners and members have been attending or speaking at for a number of years.

Collaboration and sharing of information and strategies is key in cyber security and CSC were tasked with producing something with a unique twist, during the first year of Scot Secure running a 2-day event.

CSC facilitated and ran 6 workshop-style 90 minute sessions which attendees could choose to attend. The following topics were covered, which were picked following a survey which was sent to attendees in advance.

  1. Cyber Landscape & Threats
  2. Dealing with Breaches & Incidents
  3. Insider & People Threat
  4. Basics – What are They and Why Aren’t We Doing Them?
  5. Establishing & Maintaining Security Culture
  6. What do Businesses Need to Consider When Shifting to Cloud?

The idea of these sessions were that they were effectively to be run by the group of attendees themselves, with a moderator overseeing and capturing conversation and outcomes. There were no presentations or speakers, but each session was encouraged to discuss the subject matter areas and more importantly, be able to produce tangible outcomes which could be shared with the wider community.

Any outcomes of the sessions were captured in GitHub here; and also on specific Slack channels for each session. (you can join here; Slack Invite).

The feedback was fantastic, despite it being the first time such sessions had been run at an event in Scotland. Plans are already afoot for 2020, with a similar ethos of not only bringing together cyber personnel in Scotland, but in producing actual outcomes to share to the industry as a whole.

Check out some of our outcomes and photos!