We’re using MeetUp to organise our events! Events are organised to be roughly every 1-2 months, but this is open to discussion as we want to put on events which are useful and people attend, please reach out if you have any ideas or feedback.

Planned Events

When / WhereWhat / Who
October 18, 2018

Edinburgh Napier University,
Merchiston Campus
Classroom B32
10 Colinton Road, Edinburgh

Open Session Event (AKA: Open Mic Night)

Join us at Edinburgh Napier University for a new(ish) approach to an open mic night (don’t worry, there will be no singing…).
As previously discussed with this community we would like to bring some focus to individuals/groups who might not be experienced in public speaking or demonstrations and provide a safe (but interesting) space to come and try your hand at presenting on a topic of your choice.

Therefore we’re asking for people to come forward and offer to take a short (5-10mins) or long (20-40mins) slot at this event.
We’re happy to coach and support you preparing and you don’t even have to tell us, just come and let us know on the night.

The types of presentations are also open, it can be an open discussion, Q&A session, demos, traditional powerpoint, etc. The only rules are it must not be sales driven and should be with the ‘spirit’ of sharing something interesting with your community.

  • Event Starts & Refreshments @ 17:30
  • Speakers @ 18:00
  • End @ 20:00

Previous Events

When / WhereWhat / Who
August 16th, 2018

Edinburgh Napier University,
Merchiston Campus
Classroom E17
10 Colinton Road, Edinburgh

Impostor Syndrome, Positive Psychology & Tokenization!

Join us at Edinburgh Napier University for an awesome line up of speakers! We’ll first have two main sessions, followed by the first in what we hope will become an ‘open mic’ session of sorts which we’ll take forward if successful.

The theme of our main session will be around the implications of our thoughts, feelings and personal interactions with Stu Hirst sharing about Imposter Syndrome, followed by Carole Kelly who will share some thoughts on Positive Psychology & Impact of Interaction.
Our final speaker will give a shorter presentation on Tokenization and its use in securing personal data.

  • Setup & Doors Open @ 17:00
  • Event Starts & Refreshments @ 17:30
  • Speakers @ 18:00
  • End @ 20:00


  • Stu Hirst is the Head of Security Engineering at Photobox and will be discussing Imposter Syndrome.
  • Carole Kelly is the CEO from charity Positive Realities and will be discussing Positive Psychology & Impact of Interaction.
  • Susan Brown is the CEO from Zortrex and will be discussing Tokenization
May 23rd, 2018

Brewin Dolphin, 144 Morrison Street, Edinburgh, EH3 8BR

Building & Running Security Operations Centres

Join us for an evening exploring Security Operations, both the building, and management of SOCs, but also some of the technologies used at the centre. We’ll also be discussing the importance of HTTPS/TLS!

Sean Wright is a lead software security engineer at a leading MSP, with a keen interest in application security as well as TLS. He’ll be coving:
The Need For HTTPS: An illustration of why we need HTTPS not only for privacy purposes but for integrity purposes as well. A live demo will be performed at the end to further highlight the need for HTTPS.

Neil Beattie has worked in IT & Information Security for over 30 years and is currently Head of IT Security for a leading wealth management firm, based in Edinburgh. After a spending a significant part of his career in the oil and gas industry, Neil joined TalkTalk in 2015 a few months before their infamous data breach and was heavily involved in the response and subsequent work to build a security function, including establishing a security operations team and building a SOC.

February 21, 2018

The Outhouse, Broughton Street Lane, Edinburgh

1st Ever Cyber Scotland Connect Meetup!

We’ll aim to do a brief intro to the event and an overview of our Mission Statement + Purpose (we promise to keep the boring stuff short!)
Our aim is to mix some short interactive sessions with some Q&A’s, some brilliant speakers and other bits and pieces to hopefully deliver some real value to people attending.